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Wildwood Enterprises is a family owned and operated distribution business for livestock products. We are located 20 minutes south of #1 Highway from Brandon Manitoba, near the junction of #10 and #2 Highways. Our southwestern proximity to major highways and the U.S. border has proven an economical location for distribution.

We are a family of livestock producers, so we "field test" our products in our own herds. We select products that save labor and protect our profits. The products we sell must be effective, economical and easy to use.

PREVENTION type products appeal to our sense of economy, even more so, now that there is so much focus on "antibiotic free" in the media.

Our involvement with Diatomaceous Earth started about 5 years ago. We had heard of a product that would work wonders in the prevention of calf scours. We were fortunate, by chance, to contact the people at Thordarson Farms, who initially imported this product.

We tried Thordarson Farms Diatomaceous Earth in our calves that first year, we had no losses due to scours. Out of 120 calves, we only treated one. In past seasons we've treated 10 or more and experienced some losses along with an occasional IV experience at the vets.

We couldn't get over how the calves went so crazy for it! It was like candy to them.

The following season, our whole family was using it in their herds. Thordarsons had done comparisons with other products and we did the same checking because we wanted to start sell it through our retail outlet. As producers, we were extremely satisfied with the results.

We liked the product so well, we bought the company.

In the winter of 2001, we negotiated the purchase of Thordarson Farms Diatomaceous Earth.

Shelves of Product
As mentioned we operate a retail outlet, serving the local area. We handle various types of
bagged feeds, supplements and the usual livestock supplies. At the feed store, we deal with
our customers face to face so the products we sell are the products we use.

Trailer load of WHITE EARTH on pallets
Pictured here is a shipment of WHITE EARTH, the featured product of this website.
We warehouse nearly all of our product here in Manitoba. Those for distribution out of the
area are warehoused in Saskatchewan. Some of the WHITE EARTH you see here will be
sold through our retail outlet but the bulk of this shipment is for Manitoba dealers. Dealers
purchase by the pallet, some come here to pick up their orders.

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