White Earth

WHITE EARTH is a trade name we acquired purely by accident. At the supply store, customers would avoid saying the "long form" of Diatomaceous Earth, by calling it "The Dirt" , "White Dirt", "White Earth", "Dirt in a Bag", among other variations.

Natural white Diatomaceous Earth is recognized by producers as a superior quality for use as a livestock feed additive, particularly when used to prevent calf scours. The calves find it more acceptable than other diatomaceous Earth products with a different composition. We have no idea how they can tell the difference, but white is right when it comes to feeding it free choice.
WHITE EARTH is an easy name to remember, easier to say and clearly distinctive of the preferred product.

Diatomaceous Earth compared to regular Black Dirt

We made the change in labelling in January, 2003, so for a short time there may be old stock available. A white labelled bag imported and distributed by Wildwood Enterprises is the WHITE EARTH you are looking for.

Using White Earth

WHITE EARTH is being used by producers for all types of livestock but the most common use is for young calves. The majority of producers using WHITE EARTH for scour prevention, offer it, free choice, to their calves only. If the calves are already licking dirt, producers have provided a container of WHITE EARTH at the dirt-eating spot. Usually once the calved get a taste, they will seek it out on their own. Some in a creep feeder will keep the cows away or plank off a corner in the cattle shed that only the calves can enter. As it is a powder, wind protection is advised.

Let me at it!

WHITE EARTH will prevent calf scours if fed to the calves from birth until they go to pasture. Cattle producers have seen a very dramatic drop in scours incidence when there is a constant supply available. We recommend that you don't let your supply run out. If fed until they go out to pasture, the cost will be about $1.00 per calf. WHITE EARTH has proven to be effective, economical and easy to use.

We don't believe any Diatomaceous Earth product is a cure-all for scours although it does have binding qualities. Some producers have reported good results from hand feeding it to calves with milk scours. (Tested water absorption for WHITE EARTH is 165% by weight.)

There is a point where you must use your judgement as to the course of treatment required. Diatomaceous Earth is a non-medicinal substance and should not be used in place of any of your regular health care practices.

Producers have reported treating 1 or 2 calves for scours when they used to treat 20 or more. It's true value is as a prevention, not a cure.

We sell this product as a livestock feed additive for use as an anti-caking agent or as an inert carrier. It is regulated under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for this purpose and the recommended rate is not to exceed 2% of the total diet. Producers who have been using WHITE EARTH for some time, and are aware of the results, are now using it as a feed additive in all their livestock feeds.*

Because it is a powder, we recommend that you use appropriate safety precautions against breathing it in.

* "We process our own grain and add it in every batch at a maintenance rate of about 1% by weight. This amounts to less than 1% of the total diet if you account for the free choice forages. It's especially beneficial to top dress the feed for newly weaned calves."


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