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To get decision making information, busy livestock producers can call anytime. We operate two toll free numbers because we want to be available, in person, to take the call. We monitor email and fax communications several times daily.

We consider our dealers to be our most important asset. As a distributor, their customers are our customers. We provide our dealers with printed information pamphlets so that producers, contemplating using WHITE EARTH can take the information home. Our dealers are knowledgeable and ready to help you with any questions.

We have not included testimonial commentary on this website although it is available on request.

If you are contemplating using WHITE EARTH, we would like you to receive first hand information directly from a producer who is using it. We try to match type of livestock, purpose and method of use, so the information is pertinent.

We value testimonial feedback as confirmation of our commitment to the WHITE EARTH product. If you have a comment or feel you could assist another producer with some information, please contact us, we'd like to hear from you!

This website allows us to provide more information to customers than we can include in a pamphlet or other forms of advertising. Advertising can quickly add costs which are passed on to the customer. This website is relatively low cost and a year round, 24 hour a day source of useful information.


When we purchased our first bag of Diatomaceous Earth, the retail price was around $50.00 per bag. During our first year as a distributor (2002), we set our suggested retail price at $31.00 at the beginning of the season. In 2003, our suggested price per bag is $28.00.

The company we purchased was located in the interlake region of central Manitoba which created distribution challenges that we have overcome, largely because of our southern location, accessible highway connections and on site warehousing capabilities.

We are wholesale distributors but we are also livestock producers and our aim is to provide our products to fellow producers at the best possible price.

Contact Information will put you in contact with our voice of experience! John has over 40 years experience with every aspect of the cattle business. looks after distribution and works out of the warehouse location.

John and Debbie can also be reached toll free at 1-888-235-2641
or fax 1-204-483-3724 looks after marketing. DJ and Dayna Laursen work out of the retail outlet. They can be reached toll free at 1-888-750-4328 or fax 1-204-483-3013. Cellular 204-483-0128

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