2003 Producer Monitored Feed Trials


Sheep producer reports have been strong on the use of WHITE EARTH. A feed trial is underway to validate the positive results reported. WHITE EARTH will be fed as a scour prevention as well as a feed additive. A full report will be available on this site on completion of the test. Producers with information or wanting an update during the trial are invited to contact Trevor@whiteearth.ca.


Last year we received reports from cattle producers who calved early and used WHITE EARTH but switched to calving later in the pasture and continued to use the product. They claim it aids in the prevention of pink-eye by sticking to the calves faces (likely absorbed by the milk residue) and flies don't seem to bother them as much. It also gets transferred to the cows' udder as well.

We've bred part of our herd (about 50 cows) for pasture calving this season to monitor the effectiveness of these reports. If you've tried this or would like an update (during fly season) contact John@whiteearth.ca


We are looking for hog producers with a small to medium size operation that would be interested in operating a producer feed trial using Diatomaceous Earth. This would be easiest for an operator who makes his own feed. We are interested in verifying the results from the US testing programs that have been reported on the internet and in various print media. Please contact Dayna@whiteearth.ca for more information.

*Producer comments and advice may be passed on to other producers looking for information. Names and/or addresses will not be released without permission.

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